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Malta’s 2015 Eurovision Entry

May 20, 2015


Amber: Warrior

Georgia has already used Malta’s song title.  That must make the Maltese Cross.  Tee hee hee (I’ll get me coat).

One year I’ll find myself without even the most tenuous excuse to excavate the “Maltese Cross” joke and we’ll all be much better off. This year is not that year.

This is a one word title from a one word artist.  In the promo video I note that all the backing musicians have their faces obscured, chiefly with heavy hoodies.

See here…

This is not a good sign.  Obviously this is not a project they are anxious to be associated with.  I think they fear that involvement with this Eurovision entry (or who knows – maybe Eurovision in general) may at some point be used in evidence against them.  And I have to say, as far as melodic resonance is concerned, I’m not humming it.  Play this song, go make a cup of tea or read a book and try and recall any significant stretch of it.  Go on – try.

In the promo Amber is wandering through ruinous old house watching things smash and unsmash.  Her “warrior” type affirmations clearly illustrate a spirit of resistance – it’s a defensive rather than an offensive campaign she’s waging, perhaps attempting to evoke the heroic spirit of Malta’s resistance to the Nazis during WWII, which resulted in the entire Island population being awarded the GC.  Like them, Amber’s resolve is unbroken.

But I am concerned for Amber, that if it’s a straight fight between Malta’s warrior and Georgia’s warrior,  she could be blown away.  Georgia’s warrior looks way way scarier than Malta’s and comes from a historical tradition that includes Warrior Queen Tamar and Josef Stalin.  And Georgia’s warrior does not look as though she’s going to sit and wait for the battle to come to her…


Nina Sublatti versus Amber, as a Warrior on Warrior contest, looks like being short and not very sweet.  The most corrupt gaming commission in all of Nevada would be hard pressed to sanction this fight.  I think those guys in hoodies can see the Nina v Amber conflict coming and they’re not sure they want to look.

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