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Latvia’s 2015 Eurovision Entry

May 19, 2015


Aminata: Love Injected

I have a rather affectionate memory of Latvia’s 2014 entry.  As I recall, their promotional film consisted of a village full of normal looking Latvians, wearing practical clothing appropriate for the Baltic region, coming together and planning to bake a cake.  I rather liked it.  It failed miserably.

This year represents such a dramatic volte face that I fear for those cheery 2014 Latvians.  I’m concerned that they may have been violently purged from the national memory.  Taken out and shot.  Because in place of cheery villagers frolicking in the brisk Latvian outdoors, we now have sweaty near-naked heroin addicts.  See below…

“Toto – I’ve a feeling we’re not in Riga anymore..”

A half naked man pours water over himself while the singer just sweats and suffers.  If this is love, it’s an unhealthy sort of love and its asking for some kind of intervention.  Make stop.  Please.  For everyone’s sake.

Then there’s the performance video

In this video the title “Love Injected” is rendered more sinister by a very long very red dress that dissolves into  corpuscular globules on the shiny floor.  This is a performance about bad blood.  It’s a painful vampiric sort of show these Latvians are giving us. Aminata is belting it out but I don’t know how much pain people are willing to absorb.

So I’m not optimistic for the Latvians this year either.  I may have been reading Eurovision all wrong all these years (decades) but it seems to me that Eurovision jurors and voters tend (as a rule) not to go for images of heroin addiction, sharp needles and contaminated blood.  This is, quite frankly, not the kind of theme that sets the collective toes of an entire continent a tapping.

In fact, sinister obsession just isn’t really a Eurovision thing at all.

I would ask however, that the Latvian people go easy on Aminata when Latvia fails to qualify for the finals again this year.

She looks like she’s suffered enough already.

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