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Israel’s 2015 Eurovision Entry

May 19, 2015


Nadav Guedj: “Golden Boy”.

I’ll be honest.  Israeli hip-hop is not a genre I’m very familiar with.  I don’t have much of a context for this, musically speaking.

Nadav is just sixteen.  That’s all.  He looks older, but in fact he’s just a High School kid.  And rather like the Cypriot effort, Israel’s chances rest entirely on whether or not you choose to like him.  Or rather, given the stakes, love him.  Europe has to decide to love this particular schoolboy for Israel to have a chance.

The song starts with him addressing his mother – which is all well and good.  All good boys should complain to their mother after their girlfriend leaves them.  He’s just a wee thing after all, and he needs unconditional love.  And after a long maternal hug (which takes up the first verse), he can go out and party again.

Israel, like some other Eurovision entries, has faced some scepticism regarding its legitimate “European” credentials. Clearly this year, a careful political decision has been made to face Europe in order to court Europe.  This song is all about Tel Aviv. Nadav offers to “show us Tel Aviv”.  Nadav’s Tel Aviv is an outward looking Mediterranean city, facing west and embracing western values.

I must say I do rather resent the idea of any sixteen year old proclaiming themselves “The King of Fun”.  When I was sixteen, I was properly introspective, moody, self-involved and miserable.  The way all good sixteen year old schoolboys are supposed to be.  “Fun” was something for when I escaped the parental roof.  It certainly wasn’t anything I was “king of”.  Indeed, if you’re King of Fun at sixteen, then what does the future hold, really?  How long can anyone remain “King of Fun”.  If I had thought, when I was sixteen, even for moment, that I was actually the “King of Fun” then that recognition of regal supremacy would have succumbed instantly to a melancholy realization that the remainder of my (hopefully) long life was going to to be one long disappointment.  A lifetime of morning-after clean up.

As a middle-aged parent, I have far more “fun” than as a teenage schoolboy, I can tell you.

Anyhow – here’s Nadav Guedj being “The King of Fun”

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