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Ireland’s 2015 Eurovision Entry

May 19, 2015


Molly Sterling:  Playing With Numbers

Everyone who can should vote for this.  Because some things are more important than music.  In between the semi-final and the Grand Final of Eurovision, Ireland will be having its “Equal Marriage” referendum, conferring full legal marriage parity between gay and straight people.  And Ireland needs to be in the final on Saturday, so that Ireland can be rewarded or censured accordingly.

I’m firmly of the opinion, you see, that events of this nature can and should be manipulated for political purposes.  In fact, it’s irresponsible not to.  And the cause of political progress (of which there’s been precious little in the world of late) demands that Ireland make it to the final so that at that final the nation can be properly judged.

But what of the song itself?  (I hear you, my rhetorically convenient auditors ask)  What of the song?  What of Molly?

Well, here’s a performance video.

There’s also a “video-video” floating around, but it’s just her wandering around a derelict factory.  And Iceland did a derelict factory too.  Better.

Well, I’ll tell you.  I find it rather dreary and forgettable.  As a song.  Now this is a shame because Molly is young.  Very very young, and you’re kind of only supposed to say very nice things about very young people.

But here’s the thing.  I’m glad that it’s not very exciting as a song.  I’m, glad that it is a mediocre offering.  Because the very mediocrity of song that will highlight the progressive politics of voting for it.  Some people hate the fact that politics contaminates what should be a “pure” aesthetic judgment.  Not me.  This week, I’d be irritated if messy aesthetics started to contaminate what should be an urgent political responsibility.

Perhaps Molly herself knows this.  Perhaps this is her deliberately underwhelming offering.  Perhaps she has a string of far more exciting songs (and performances) up her young sleeves, but she’s deliberately reining herself in because she wants the credit of victory to go to the cause of Equal Marriage.

Molly is therefore brilliant.  Please, if you can, vote for her.

Ireland needs to be in the final.  If on Saturday, Ireland has NOT voted to allow gay people to have the same marriage rights as straight people, then Ireland can (and should) be slapped very hard by the jurors of Europe.

But if Ireland has voted to give (no – not give – these things can’t be given – I mean “affirm” or “recognise”) full and equal marriage rights to gay people, the Ireland should definitely, yet again, win the Eurovision Song Contest.

If you want to see another derelict factory video – read up on Iceland.

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