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Iceland’s 2015 Eurovision Entry

May 18, 2015


Maria Olafs: Unbroken

Meet Maria Olafs (presumably she has a surname ending in “dottir” she’s not sharing with us).  Instead she’s cavorting about a derelict factory which is in the process of being re-purposed as a dance studio.  But without the proper matting, which hasn’t arrive yet seemingly.  See below:

Like the Czech entry, this is a fairly naive and obvious song about passing from darkness to light.  But why is it so less offensive than the Czech entry?  Which I hated.

Could it be that just be that she’s easy on the eye than the Czech contestants?  Am I that shallow?  Am I prepared to swallow vapid abstract pieties when they’d delivered by someone who looks like Maria Olafs.  Who IS in fact Maria Olafs.

Well, I’m not made of stone.  And if I declared myself completely immune to Maria Olafs’ comeliness, I’d be the creepier and more deluded hypocrite.  But I’d like to think that there’s more to this performance that distinguishes it positively from the similarly themed Czech intervention. Firstly, I think it’s better acted.  I think Maria Olafs is a more expressive (as well as a prettier) performer than either of the Czechs and actually makes the journey from darkness to light seem reasonably complex and arduous, a tricky task, given that she only has three minutes to do it.  She’s a good actor and registers quite subtle changes of mood.

Also, I think the song itself is less ponderous, from a simple melodic point of view and it builds to a its chorus and retreats to its verses with a sense of earned effort and sensitive economy.

But what I’d really like to think is that this derelict building is actually a symbol of the Icelandic economy and that the reason why Iceland is passing from Darkness to Light is that they did not surrender to the austeriarchs.  Rather, they kicked certain people out of office and put certain (of the same and overlapping) people in prison.  Iceland refused to make the many pay for the greed and stupidity of the few and they’re all the better for it.  For this reason, Icelanders deserve perhaps to pass from Darkness to Light within a three minute song segment.  More than most of us anyhow.

Meanwhile, this song reminds me a bit of “Wide Awake” by Katy Perry.  But that’s probably just the eccentric (and wrong) way my musical brain is wired.

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