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Czech Republic’s 2015 Eurovision Entry

May 18, 2015

czech republic

Marta Jandová and Václav Noid Bárta – Hope Never Dies.

Oh yes it does.  I heard its febrile little death rattle while watching the Czech promotional video.

Here’s the video.  If you must.

You see, I’ve always hated motivational posters.  There’s something about a picture of a sunrise over the ocean with an italicized slogan like Tomorrow Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life that makes me want to completely despair of the universe and everything in it.

In short, I find motivational posters deeply demoralising and demotivational.  They sap my “get up and go” like nothing else.  I also hate any movie that posters describe as “life affirming”.  It makes me want to seek out, indulge and enjoy any form of entertainment honest enough to proclaim itself “life negating”.

The Czech entry is my least favourite entry yet.  I hate it more than the Russian one.  I hate it because it’s a three minute motivational poster.  The insultingly obvious video passes from darkness to light and pastes words like “Pain” “Dark” “Love” and “Light” against the screen as a statement of the film-makers’ unequivocal contempt for the imbecility of the human race.  I despise this performance.  But not as much as it despises me.

You see, it’s pompously “life affirming” motivational claptrap like this that belies the precious complexities and agonies of the human spirit.  By suggesting, in its po-faced way, that you can pass from darkness to light in just three minutes just by nodding your head in the direction of a few easy abstractions is an insult to humanity.  Feel insulted by this.

It is not enough just to dislike this entry.  Humanity must do better than this or it is doomed.

(Grrrr.  Nasty Cynical Conrad has broken out of his box and is running rampage downtown.)_

And woolly-headed motivationalism comes from Prague of all places.

Clearly Franz Kafka died in vain.

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