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Romania’s 2015 Eurovision Entry

May 17, 2015


Voltaj – De La Capat

This one is hard to actually “like” but impossible to actually sneer at.  I mean, you could write a really sneery blog about the tired, clumsy formal conservatism of this offering, but what you’d be doing is being all occidentally snooty about primitive Eastern Europeans.  I suppose if “Voltaj” became a global sensation and its stars billionaires and their music blared forth from every orifice in every city in the known world, then I’d take it upon me to really hate this song and any other songs like it they were in the habit of hammering together.

This one made me want to go out and hug a Romanian.  Really, it’s a song about Europe and about the River Danube.  A small Romanian boy misses his family who are upstream in Vienna.  Trying their best for him

If this song does well, then it’ll vindicate a more generous and unitary concept of Europe, in which the great rivers stand as transitive conduits not just of trade and commerce but of larger familial identifications.

The song itself is not very good, if that should be an issue.  Probably isn’t an issue.  This is a charity single that has “worthy” written all over it.  You should probably download it and then never play it.  Or you could just by-pass the song altogether and donate directly to the “Alloveragain” charity (as it’s called).  So this one won’t win it and nor should it – but it might raise some money to help the children left behind by parental economic migration.  It might alleviate some distress.

The video is better than the song and depicts the loneliness of a child separated by loved ones. It’s about the challenges and opportunities of an idea of Europe in its totality.  This child has not been abandoned by callous parents – instead his parents have sacrificed time with him in order to provide him with a future.

In fact, if there were a separate “promotional video” contest – this one might be a runner.  It’s got teary close ups and big scenery and something like a narrative to it.

Now, if only the opportunities that were available in the Danube’s upper reaches, could just flow downstream a bit.  Re-uniting families.  Then we’d have a Europe worth singing about.


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