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The Netherlands’ 2015 Eurovision Entry

May 16, 2015


Now apparently, this dress, worn by Trijntje Oostehuis during one of her filmed rehearsals has caused all manner of fuss and bother.  Jaded old me wonders how anything worn by a Eurovision contestant can still have any shock value, but jaded old me is outvoted by the fussers and the botherers.   Apparently,  Trijntje finds it “rather strange” that people want to talk about the dress and hopes that people will “focus on the music” instead.

I’m sorry – but if  Trijntje really thinks that Eurovision coverage has ever, is now, or ever will be intent on “focusing on the music” then she understands nothing whatsoever about a) the media b) Eurovision or c) music.  And she’s not some naive teenager.  In fact, she’s old enough to make wearing that dress look like an act of admirable personal chutzpah.

Now I’ve reached a point in my life where I like to see older folk winning stuff.  The reality is, that her song is all about being an older woman who is still amorously adventurous, still looking for love.  And the tediously controversial dress is pretty much saying the same thing.  Which makes it a little odd and tiresome that she’s being so defensive about the dress.

Indeed, on the evidence of this video to the song “Walk Along”, she is expert at soliciting the attention of a much younger man, and a profusely illustrated young man at that.  Some men wear their hearts on their sleeves.  This one wears a three volume autobiography on his upper torso.

She’s not wearing the same dress in the video, but then, it’s the male model who is the object of fetishization in the film.  I’m left wonder, however, by the end of the film, whether this guy isn’t too in love with himself to consider the virtue of walking alongside this seductive older woman, who could probably teach him a few things.  If he’d just take a week off decorating himself and open his eyes, he’s headed for one Hell of a journey.

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