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Serbia’s 2015 Eurovision Entry

May 16, 2015

Sometimes the elephant in the room, really is an elephant in the room.

Sort of hate myself for saying that, but that’s what this offering is all about.  Noticing and not noticing that the Lady is large.

The lady is large, and the song is a plausible and not unworthy winner.


Bojana Stamenov:  “Love Never Lies”

The title of the song is “Beauty never lies” – which is a rather strange assertion, because in my experience, Beauty lies all the time.  She tells all manner of porkies and whoppers, and she gets away with it too, because she’s so darn lovely.  Beauty gets away with it all the time.

For the purposes of this song and video, “Beauty” is redefined in order to suggest a kind of inner contentment, an internalised existentially willed aesthetic.  Fair enough.

The video consists of various Eurovision fans sending in segments a few seconds long celebrating their own sense of “difference” (though the guy decorated in Union Jacks looks a bit EDLish – not really the kind to celebrate “difference” in all its forms).

Perhaps in the past Serbia itself has been less than noted for its acknowledgement of the “I’m different and that’s OK” principle, and this whole performance is a belated attempt to redress this historical legacy.  If so, then let’s just applaud it.

The beauty of Bojana is further developed in the available live performance videos.  Her size is again celebrated in terms of her ability to wear a dress so huge that it can be used as a big screen on which to project various abstract designs.

I’m torn with this one.  I’m not sure whether the job of selling the admirable and persuasive concept of plus size beauty could not not have been made by simply having her alone on stage without all the complementary body image juxtapositions and preachy lyrics.  Her enormous voice and her large frame correspond well together.  When she sings, she more than vindicates her shape, since her shape is an echo of the logic of her resonant performance.  I’m just not sure whether all of this needs to be said “out loud” in quite such an obvious way.

She should just be allowed to be.

This song could be big.  Really really big.

(Now I hate myself again.)

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