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Macedonia’s 2015 Eurovision Entry

May 16, 2015


Sad, introspective songs are always a bit of a bold, unlikely move from a Eurovision point of view.  “Autumn Leaves” is a song and a performance and a concept that aims for a kind of detumescent melancholy and sort of makes its point reasonably well.

It won’t win.

The animation is rather nice though – in the promotional film.  Unlike most of the films I’ve seen so far, the film is actually a more relevant visualisation of the mood of the song than the live performance.

Look at the poor boy with the hole in his heart.  Kinda gets you right there don’t it?

Well it won’t in competition terms because we’ll just see some guy standing and singing – maybe with a stenciled light effects representing “Autumn Leaves” floating all around him.

But do you really want to promote Autumnal sentiments in May, really?  Some of us are only just getting used to a bit of sunshine. I’m aware that Macedonia gets a lot more sun than other parts of Europe and maybe by mid-May they’re already sick of it and can’t wait for the leaves to turn red. Perhaps the Macedonian climate is already so unbearable by May that people can’t wait for Autumn and start writing songs about it.

Perhaps this why Alexander the Great left home.

In short, this song is a little too private for Eurovision consumption.  Oh for sure, winning entries come replete with the perpendicular pronoun – but statements of egocentric affection and affirmation are meant to splurge into something more congregational, transnational and abstract.  We may pity the poor boy in the cartoon with the hole in his heart, but we’re not going to vote his ditty to the status of continental anthem – even if the frontiers of this continent are controversial and seemingly impossible to define.

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