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Greece’s 2015 Eurovision Entry

May 15, 2015


Maria Elena Kyriakou: “One Last Breath”

It would be hard to imagine a more formulaic response to the Eurovision challenge than this.  A woman in a long dress booming out a power ballad while flickering lights and confetti and dry ice swirl about around her.

The sheer tedium of this effort recalls my precise moments in my childhood – those three minutes of frustration when your favorite comedy show would be interrupted by unnecessary and unwanted singing.  Greece’s entry is like a Barbara Dickson intervention into The Two Ronnies.  A hole in the evening.

(I was probably very wrong and cruel about Barbara Dickson as a child – malicious little brat that I was – but bear in mind that I was watching ad-free BBC and Barbara Dickson offered my opportunity to go and relieve my bladder before the funny stuff resumed.  If I went back, as a more patient adult, and sat through all the Barbara Dickson segments I deliberately missed as a child, I dare say I’d be more appreciative.)

Like many Eurovision entries, the 2015 Greek effort aspires to the condition of James Bond Theme.  Perhaps this song just about makes it as a 007 film ballad – just not for any the good Bond films.  This song would serve as the title track of one of those 1990s Pierce Brosnan efforts… the films you get tangled up in trying to list during a drunken “name every Bond film” dare.  That moment when you think there’s a Bond film called “Never Die Tomorrow” just because in the 1990s the Bond-Titlers seemed to be just throwing four or five words up in the air to see which order they landed.  That’s the kind of movie that this Greek entry sounds like the theme tune to.  A post Cold War scratching around for viable villains type Bond film.

Conchita Wurst last year, on the other hand – went full Shirley Bassey.  Her song (and performance) could have been the centrepiece of a classic John Barry scored funfest starring Sean Connery.

Anyhow, you can watch it here.

Or not – you’d be better of just watching Conchita again.

Come to think of it “One More Breath” wouldn’t be the worst title for a Bond film.  But it wouldn’t be the best either.


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