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Georgia’s 2015 Eurovision Entry

May 15, 2015


Anyone interested in 12th Century Georgian warrior Queen Tamar?  I suddenly am.  She’s the triplicated figure in the steep crown who keeps showing up in the promotional video for Nina Sublatti’s offering – just called “Warrior”.

You can see here here, surrounded by rather more underdressed international exempla of girl power…

You may as well watch the video, because the song itself isn’t startling enough to stay awake through without sticking pins in your arm.  Queen Tamar (1160-1213), who was crowned ruler of Georgia as a teenager and who effectively became Potentate of the Caucasus during the most storied phase of Georgia’s history is represented in iconic rather than active form.  The other female warriors run about, but she revolves – all three of her – giving a more mystical blessing to her various representatives on earth.  Needless to say, these “warriors” are dressed like “Leela” – Doctor Who’s 1970s companion – rather than as viable military figures.  Even the ice warrior dressed in furs, is wearing a short fur coat with apparently nothing underneath.

Queen Tamar of course is in proper formal dress throughout.

It is natural, I suppose, for the people who gave the world Josef Stalin, to want to look a little further back into their history to promote an alternate vision of Georgian leadership skills.  But the vague affirmations of “warriordom” promoted in this performance have less to do with any authentic or experientially grounded commitment to feminism than they do with tired and marketable stereotypes of girls with weapons.  The effect of the performance as a whole is rather like an extended version of those “Rebelle” nerf guns adverts – you know where the big toymakers take a toy gun and turn it purple and italicize the lettering to make it “girl friendly”.  This warrior affirmation feels like a triangulation of strategic compromised thrashed out by a committee.

In order to confer a sense of historical continuity on this tired notion, Queen Tamar is offered as the presiding trinitarian Deity of the international cult of girl power that is celebrated in Georgia’s Eurovision entry.  What she would have thought of all jumping about is hard to say.  Like all good monarchs, she moves as little as possible and gets others to do her killing for her.

Still, better than dressing up as Josef Stalin.

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