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Estonia’s 2015 Eurovision Entry

May 14, 2015


Elina Born & Stig Rästa – Goodbye To Yesterday

If the sequence of performances was alphabetical, then this one would present a singular contrast to Denmark’s bouncy confidence.  This is a song to bring you down, in something like a good way.

The promotional film they’ve supplied is actually suicidal.  Broken glass and blood in the sink,.  There’s something about exposed flesh, water, and glass wounds that makes my own flesh creep.  It doesn’t make me want to join in the chorus.  It’s an opportunistic piece of filmed nastiness – as though the Baltic states are staking their own strategic case to be included in the lucrative Nordic Noir market.

You can see this film here if you like.  But you might not like.  I don’t like.

The promotional film will form no part of the live competition segment – which is probably just as well for their sakes.  This little duet is rather effective in its own way.  It manages to be serious without being pompous and it’s the sort of unheimlich ballad that might work its way onto a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack with bit of puff.  The promotional film is to be faulted because it renders the depressive logic of the song too obvious and too predictably extreme.  This is the kind of song that demands to be performed by two people standing reasonably still and with calm sane expressions on their faces.

This will actually stay in your head for a while after you’ve heard it.  But you won’t ever sing it out loud.  Nor will you ever sway to it or wave cigarette lighters to it.  I don’t think it’s a Eurovision winner as such.  And the reason it’s not a Eurovision winner is that I can look at it from every conceivable angle and still not come up with anything remotely funny to say about it.


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