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Voting “No” to Marriage Equality. The Intellectual Cupboard is Bare”

May 13, 2015


The campaign against marriage equality announced its complete moral and intellectual exhaustion today with its latest bizarre posters.  Having discovered that its attempt to use babies as human shields has proved unsuccessful the “Nos” are now attempting to use the slogan “Remember Your Equal Right To Vote No”.   This is not an argument at all, of course – merely a further attempt at strategic self-victimisation.  Just because you have the right to vote “no” is no argument for making that decision.  I have the right to vote for a Neo Nazi candidate in any given election campaign but that abstract right does not mean that I should exercise such a horrible choice.

Bereft of any real arguments, the anti-marriage equality crowd have now abandoned Christianity altogether and are seemingly embracing a version of radical existentialism.  They use the phrase “there’s no shame in it” on the posters, thereby clearly admitting demonstrating that most people think that inequality is indeed shameful.   But the “No” campaign, as new converts to existentialism, are starting to argue that only by deliberately defying consensual moral norms can the purity of any given “choice” be preserved.

The reason for this belated conversion to an existentialist ethical system is of course, that the “No” side have lost.  Most people in Ireland have been persuaded by the logic of the “Yes” campaign,  the “Nos” are redefining themselves as an oppressed minority.  Apparently being on the losing side in an argument makes you the victim of bullying.  The greater the consensus in favour of a particular moral outlook, the more sinister and oppressive that consensus might be.

The logic behind this idea is of course nonsensical.  There is, for example, a clear majority consensus in favour of not biting the heads off kittens.  Does my personal freedom thereby depend on running off and biting the heads off kittens (“there’s no shame in it”) just to defy a “bullying” liberal media?

Of course, there’s a strong argument for saying that civil rights shouldn’t have to depend on majoritarian arithmetic in any case.   But once you’re engaged in a referendum scenario, then you can’t go complaining about finding yourself outvoted.

The new existential “No” campaign is to be welcomed because it is so transparently desperate.  The reason why they are “bleating” about “sheep” (in today’s copy of Alive) is that they have lost every single argument, every debate, every reasonable juxtaposition of opposed views.  Paranoia is now their only recourse.


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