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Denmark’s 2015 Eurovision Entry

May 12, 2015


Now this one could win it.  It really could.  I mean, I’m not saying it WILL win it, but I am saying that if it did win it I would not be screaming “Oh My God How And Why?!!” Which is what I scream often enough at the conclusion of any given Eurovision broadcast.

Welcome back to 1963.  Didn’t we all love 1963?  Even if we didn’t – or weren’t there – we’ve all seen Jersey Boys.  Or if we haven’t seen Jersey Boys, we’ve seen posters for Jersey Boys.  What a party.  What a night.

Anti-Social Media – our young  band from Denmark represent the best dressed teenagers of 1963 – with the exception of the guy miming the lead guitar part who is too cool to wear a jacket.  But having the one slightly transgressive band member is a necessary accommodation for the least transgressive band imaginable.  There should be a shot of a slightly stuffy looking manager tut-tutting from the wings in order to complete the theatrical effect.

Who could object to such a fresh-faced bunch of well turned out youngsters jumping around and having a good time? Well, I could – given a consistently and dogmatically grumpy aesthetic – the kind of aesthetic to which I periodically swear fealty, but there’s something rather disarming about this gang of wholesome Danes.  They are peppy but they aren’t posers. They are full of themselves but not arrogant.   They seem to be having authentic fun.

I query the rather cosmetic inclusion of the two girls in sixties costume standing at the back.  They sway a bit, and I heard them sing “Yeah” and “Oooh” and I think “Ba Ba Ba” at one point, but otherwise they’re not really bringing much to the table.

In fact the name “Anti-Social Media” seems to have been picked out of a hat at random – and is thoroughly belied by the naive joie de vivre that they exude.  To be honest, they seem as sociable a bunch of lads as you’d ever hope to meet.  Perhaps this is a completely uncharacteristic song of theirs and the remainder of their oeuvre reflects a very twenty-first century sulky and solitary geekdom.  Perhaps for all their other songs they just stand stock still, scowling at the audience, intoning the fact that “everything sucks”.

But in their Eurovision mode, here they are in all their seemingly  unaffected bouncy glory.  Enjoy.


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