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Belarus 2015 Eurovision Entry

May 11, 2015


“Time”.  Yes that’s the expansive abstraction that we’re offered by way of a title.

The lead singer, at least in the promotional video, appears to be wearing a metallic version of PeterJacksonized Tolkien elf ears. I must confess that I initially had the singer pegged as the villain of the piece. I think I was wrong.  Nearby is a maiden in distress – the distress in this instance consisting of being trapped in a transparent polyhedron that is filling up with sand.

Egg-timer.  Time.  Because we might forget the central theme of the song.

This method of execution is anything but punctual, so she has time to produce a violin out of nowhere and play a solo. It’s one way of passing the time.  Alas! The rate of sandflow dramatically accelerates and she goes from Winnie in Act One of Happy Days by Samuel Beckett to Winnie in Act Two of Happy Days by Samuel Beckett in something like a heartbeat.

At this point Metallic Elf Ears decides that Enough is Enough and Something Must Be Done. So he starts running. Without making very much headway.  When he arrives at the polyhedron there’s a moment of confusion and suddenly he’s the one in the sandtrap while she strolls off into the middle distance. (It’s all a bit “David Copperfield in Las Vegas although viewers may also recall that this same trick was played by Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews in the video for   their version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”.)

The politics of Belarus are not jolly. It’s a nation that fails to satisfy most criteria associated with the idea of a functioning democracy.

In the meantime, the fiddling is pleasant and the song has a thumping great chorus that is memorable for literally minutes after you’ve heard it.

I’m thinking in retrospect that contestants are under extreme pressure to keep to time in this competition.  Presumably the giant egg-timer helps to facilitate this.   Also, by the end of the song, that soft-boiled egg must be just about perfect.

Anyhoo – you can see the film here…


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