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Re. British Election: If you vote Tory (or UKIP) does that make you a horrible person?

May 7, 2015


Of course not.  There are millions of people who vote Tory who are warm, loving, huggy and huggable people if you meet them in the flesh.  The kiss their families, smile at strangers and hold the door open for people behind them carrying shopping

And yet, and yet… Austeriarchy is without doubt a very horrible thing.  And when you endorse horribleness by putting a tick next to the name of an austeriarch then presumably you take some kind of moral responsibility for the horribleness.  For sure, you have to hold your nose when you make any sort of political choice – but the fact remains that when you know that some candidates kicking poor people harder than others, then certain choices convert a tick against a certain box into the effective signing of a death warrant for thousands of people.  If you decide to vote Tory, you’ve helped to decide that thousands of people will not survive the next winter.  Fuel poverty.  Look it up.  Thousands did not survive last year.  Forget “belt-tightening” – you’re part of the politics of killing people.  If you vote Tory, then you despise Britain.  You’ve decided that kicking the poor, the unemployed and the disabled in the head just to prevent rich people from facing the consequences of their own actions is so important and so precious that it’s worth tearing Britain apart.  If you vote Tory you’re voting for a political agenda that just about everyone in Scotland finds so disgusting that they’d rather leave the UK than have any further part of it.  A vote for Tory Austeriarchy is a strategic and efficient desecration of the Union flag.

Voting Tory is a horrible horrible thing to do – but I’m in no position to preach or to judge others because I’ve done some very horrible things in my time.  When St Peter rolls out his list of disqualifying criteria, the big roll of paper involving the itemising of my very serious defects of character  threatens to knock both me and my fellow recently departed off our cloud. To go into too much detail about my extensive moral failings would take up far too much time and put people off their breakfast.

So in fact, I’m leaning towards the theory that Tory voters are in fact nicer than I am, because they have to be.  Such is the viciousness, the lack of connection, the sheer negation of compassion the contempt for human suffering involved in twenty-first century manifestations of Tory austeriarchy – that to deliberately promote such horrors must count as a very serious sin.  And the remainder of the lives of Tory voters must serve to off-set such horrors.  Tory voters are perhaps much much nicer than I am because they have to be.

Whereas when my many crimes and misdemeanors are recorded and St Peter adopts his severest finger wagging posture, then the fact that I’ve never ever in my life voted Tory may well be the only bit of goal difference in my favour.


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