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Stuff that just about everyone I respect is already saying about the Tory demonisation of the SNP: Cognitive Dysfunction – the Unionism of Austeriarchy

April 24, 2015


My thinking about the SNP and the imminent election is shared by many.  I share the broad views of really really famous commentators like Polly Toynbee as well as almost as famous and rather wittier observers like my old pal Dan Rebellato – see his spilled ink link below….

So I’m unoriginal.  Which probably means I’m right.  Political commentary shouldn’t be about contrarian egocentricity but about building intelligent alliances.  And an alliance between Labour and the SNP needs to be thought about intelligently.

Here’s the reality.  The SNP are likely to receive  a very clear majority mandate from the population of one of the nations of the United Kingdom.  The Scottish people are increasingly voting on the basis that Austeriarchy and Kickdownism as peddled by the Tories, bolstered by the Lib Dems, and inadequately opposed by Labour, is so disgusting, so alienating, that “Britain” is something that no longer claims their loyalty.

Here’s a longer reality.  No version of “Devo-Max”, dangled to retain Scotland within a notional Union can save the Union, because “Devo-Max” implicitly acknowledges that the Union is an evil to be mitigated rather than a fellow feeling to be cherished.  There is only one way in which Scotland’s place in the Union and that is to ensure that Scottish values have some influence and become a defining strand within British values.  If Scotland cannot creatively influence British policy, then Scotland will be gone.

The Tories have proven that they have no morally coherent vision of Britain.  By treating Nicola Sturgeon as some kind of malign foreign dictator they have forfeited any logical right to speak on behalf of it.  Scotland might have been “Us” last September when they were spouting Unionist rhetoric, but right now Scotland has become “Them” again.  Whenever they talk about the sinister influence that the SNP (or Scotland) might have in a future coalition government, they are tearing up Britain by the seams.  Because that’s what Britain means – Scotland enjoying political influence in Westminster – Scotland sharing in decisions that affect the whole of Britain.  If you are frightened of the idea of a party voted for by a clear majority of Scots having a say in British government, then you are scared of Britain itself.

And if you stand in front of a Union Flag while you disseminate these fears then you are either a remarkably cynical liar – enjoying the credulity of the English (not British) people you despise or you are suffering from an advanced form of cognitive dysfunction – so advanced that you are a danger to yourself and others.

Furthermore, if you vote Tory or (Heaven and every esoteric saint therein help you) UKIP, then you have forfeited any claim to love Britain.  If you claim that “Britain” is in any way important to you, then you cannot vote for political interests that are tearing Britain apart.  Of course, you can make the “rational” case that you quite like Britain, but you love austeriarchy more.  You can say that the basic policy of making sure that poor people always suffer for the greed and stupidity of rich people is so beautiful and right that it’s worth risking the destruction of Britain to maintain it.  But you should say so.  Out loud.  And no flags please.

And, needless to say, if you are a Tory or a UKIP Brexiter, then you are working in a very focused way to destroy Britain.  We all know that Scotland would not survive in a Britain that had voted to leave the EU.  The fact that UKIP has “United Kingdom” in its title is presumably just a sick joke to illustrate their contempt for all voters – North and South of the Tweed.


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