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Fun things to do with Six Trillion Dollars, No. 9. Hoverboards for All!

January 28, 2015



Bah, it’s 2016 and we still don’t have our hoverboards.  Why aren’t we all screaming?  If only there were some way of just throwing money at the problem?

BUT THERE IS!  And it’s out money – our reasonable 25% share of the offshored trillions.

(Meanwhile Other Fun Things to do with our trillions include the following)

Re. Hoverboards.

Now I don’t pretend to know a lot about physics.  Or inventing stuff.  But I do know that if you tell a bunch of physicists and engineers that you’ll give them six trillion dollars in research funding if they think hoverboards are technical possibility then they’ll say “let’s try”.

And as they “try” to build the hoverboard, they’ll find out a bunch of fun stuff along the way.  Maybe give the ol’ superconductor a bit of a nudge.  If there’s one thing that focuses research, it’s some kind of target.  Perhaps it’s not that important what the target is – so long as it engages multidisciplinary enthusiasm and involves solving a bunch of fascinating problems along the way.  The target need not be “useful” in any obvious or quantifiable way – merely inspiring.  Landing on the moon for obvious example.

Perhaps if we divided up our fund into 3 trillion for research and development and 3 trillion for manufacture and distribution.  Calculate about 450 dollars to manufacture each and every hoverboard.  In manufacturing, there are great economies of scale.

The trouble is, the 0.1% whose money is protected from Rule of Law aren’t easily inspired.  The mega-rich, for the most part, have decided to live joyless unimaginative lives.  They would rather go without hoverboards themselves than have to share the idea of hoverboards with their fellow human creatures.  Better dig a hole in the sand any bury money than have it used for anything so exciting.  They are sociopaths.  Unfortunately, the whole economy of the planet is governed pretty much exclusively to serve the short term convenience of very dull sociopaths.

If the spectacle of every woman, every man, and every child whizzing about on a hoverboard doesn’t inspire you – then I don’t know what “inspiration” is.  Now all I need to do is contact a good trepanning expert to have Huey Lewis and the News removed from my head.


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