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Fun Things to do with Six Trillion Dollars. No.1. Just share it all out equally.

January 4, 2015





Having established that there’s around 24 trillion dollars in offshored untaxed income around the world – and imagining a world in which somehow a modest 25% of it could be recovered and used to do some good and have some fun, I’m now trying to list the options.

No. 1.  Just share it all out equally.

By my reckoning – 6 trillion dollars shared out equally among 7 billion people would add up to around nine hundred dollars being given to every man woman and child on planet earth.  For nearly all of the 7 billion people, those nine hundred dollars would represent a massive windfall.  Either we could see what would happen to the global economy if everyone just suddenly spent it – OR we could set up saving schemes that matured after a certain period of time.  All those millions of babes in arms would be in no position to spend their nine hundred dollars in any case.  So, we have a situation where everyone in the entire world suddenly has a savings account.  Every single human on earth has something to look forward to and something to contribute to.  Every single human on earth can look forward to the maturation of something better than day to day survival.  Every single human might look forward to building a college fund or a down payment on a house.  Humanity – actually – all of humanity might have a chance of developing their full imaginative potential.

This would not be money given.  This would be money owed.

I’m not an economist so none of this makes any sense.  I’m sure that a real economist would tell me that giving everyone in the world something to hope for and invest in is a terrible idea and it’s much better that piratical billionaires just take all that money and dig a big hole in the sand just to bury it.  Which is the current arrangement.

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