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The Worst Day of Christmas OR Some People Hate Jesus too much to be Honest Satanists

December 4, 2014

It begins.



The Worst Day of Christmas is always the same.  It’s the very first day that Xmas FM plays “The Christmas Shoes” by New Song, and we have to jab at the car radio in a blind panic before the car smashes into a tree.

“The Christmas Shoes” is not just the worst Christmas song ever, it is the worst song ever, and one of the very worst things created by human beings since the dawn of time.  Now I’m not the only wide eyed obsessive on the internet blogging about how much I hate “The Christmas Shoes.”   We are legion.  But there aren’t quite enough of us and we’re not quite obsessing enough because “The Christmas Shoes” – still – is.

In a sense it is a song that breaks new ground.  It’s not just a post-Christian Christmas song (we have plenty of them) but an anti-Christian anthem.  This…

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