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Jacobitism on Bastille Day

July 14, 2014

I blogged this exactly one year ago. Please note that Duke Franz is now 81 years old. If you’re thinking of sending him an e-card that is.



Today is Duke Franz of Bavaria’s birthday.  Doesn’t he look happy?  Happier than any member of the British royal family, certainly.  He’s eighty today, just in case anybody was wondering.

For people who really believe in the hereditary principle, Franz here is rightful king of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and possibly France.  He’s the Jacobite Pretender or the King Over The Water.   Some, but not all members of The Royal Stuart Society regard him as such.   To (eventually) exclude Franz from the crown, the Act of Succession (1701) had to pass over more than fifty people.  Allowing for a reasonable rate of procreation over the course of 300 years, this means that, from a Jacobite point of view, there are thousands, yes thousands of people with a better hereditary claim to all those thrones than the present Windsor (Hanover) dynasty.

Recent attempts to detach some aspects of the British royal…

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