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Stop everything and celebrate “Petition of Right Day”.

June 7, 2014

Wrote this a year ago. Will reblog it with tweaks annually.


petition of right
Today is June 7th. We should be calling it “Petition of Right Day”. 386 years ago, Sir Edward Coke (one of the most important and influential people Europe has ever produced), was able to witness the triumphant acceptance of a petition which checked the arbitrary power of the crown, lifted martial law, and put down in writing the essentially contractual basis of all authority. Some of the most basic civil freedoms many people still enjoy were developed as a result of the negotiations between the crown and parliament which produced this petition.

Charles I’s inability to understand or respect the implications of this document would lead to the outbreak of civil war, some 14 years later. A true believer in the sacred power of monarchy, he believed that he was accountable only to God and that any agreement he signed with any of his subjects could be torn up whenever…

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