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Awwww… Ducks

April 25, 2013

Tanya has become “The Duckwhisperer”.  It’s true, when they’re all squalking and twittering (they’re too young to quack properly), she can pick them up, one at a time, stroke the backs of their necks, and restore them to tranquility.  It’s a remarkable ability, but not one which seems to fit on her CV, more’s the pity.

Not since Gabe’s infancy, have we been at the mercy of laundry and feeding schedules in quite this way.  Like parents of a new born, we sometimes have to check ourselves to make sure that we still have alternate topics of conversation.  When I’m prodded awake at 4am because it’s my turn to check on the ducks – the situation no longer appears wrong or absurd.

There are many many other things, objectively more important that we really should be doing rather than taking care of ducks.  But, to paraphrase Sean Connery in The Untouchables – “we’re jusht not doing any of shem right now.” 

At the risk of sounding pompous (and over the years that’s a risk I’ve learned to live with) – we have been charged with protecting little lives.  And it’s astonishing how absolute and unquestioned this charge tends to be. 

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